Crutch Bag with Varying Crutch Skins

Published: 26th September 2011
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Physically challenged individuals do have the right to be fashionable. Even in crutches, it can still stand with head held up high since the walking assistive equipment is now incorporated with varying styles and colors of crutch bag adorned with different selections of crutch skins. Crutch bag is a new add-on modification to walkers so as to assist disable people in carrying important loads that are just easily inserted or removed on the sides. From such, books, bottled water and other stuffs can already be brought by walking impaired individuals and boredom couldn’t get much higher for them since everything they wanted can already be carried along with them.

Crutch skins design add more thrill to crutches.The diversity of crutch skins is very unique and eye catching. The following are the classifications of crutch skins:

• Attitude selection – has a 4 pc cover and skinned hand grip that are in CAMO and flaming designs. Such gives style, protection and universal fitting as well.

• Solid Colors – contains attractive colors in bubble pink, purple, carbon grey, atomic red, black and atomic red. It is not only stylish but also washable.

• Tribal Tattoo - designs are exotic and the covers can be easily removed for washing.

• Wildlife – the covers are imitated on animal’s skin designs. It is very stylish and protective as well.

Points to Consider in Crutch Bag

In purchasing a crutch bag, criteria should be imposed on selecting a quality item. First and foremost is the clothing or cover texture, the fabric must be water proof, has as anti-staining ability and anti- bacterial and fungus resistant. Another is the cleaning capacity; the covering should washable and replaceable. Next is the item’s weight. The attached pouch on the crutches must not add the burdens on the lames carried load. Lastly is the pouch or container must have plenty of rooms for items to be placed inside, has an easy to reach and adjustable straps.

Caring for the Crutch Bag

In maintaining the hygiene on pouch like attached item, the followings tips should be observed by the handler:

• Don’t place uncovered drinks or non dry food items inside the bag to prevent spillage and attraction of insects

• Wash the bag once a month but still depending on the degree of dirt

• Do not put sharp pointed object inside the bag since it may torn the covering and injure yourself as well

• The amount of items placed inside should not be heavy and bulky enough that adds difficulty in ambulating

• Avoid placing bulky items on the pouch for it may contribute to skin blister development brought by bag friction to the skin

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