Punjabi Dj Play Important Role In Wedding Ceremony

Published: 21st September 2011
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DJ mixing and beatmatching can be really challenging for the beginner disc jokeys. It can be tough to get your beats matched every time. Indeed hundreds of new DJs struggle to get mixing and a majority of them end up with giving up with beatmatching and mixing. Indeed a big majority of the new DJs never learn how to mix and beatmatch.

Punjabi songs, culture and traditions are appealing to lot of people outside of India. One of the reasons is for sure the amazing rhythm of Bhangra, which has put Punjabi culture in the center of interest for famous Indian DJ-s and other musicians. The other reason is that Punjabi people know how to keep and promote their culture. It is mainly through Punjabi movies that Bhangra has reached so big young audiences for decades already.

Lots of credit for popularizing Bhangra outside of India goes to Punjabi MC, whose is Indian by origin but was born and works in England. One of his best and widely known works is a remixe called "Mundian To Bach Ke" from 2002. This hit song was originally sang by an Indian pop-artist Labh Janjua, who has been performing for many Hindi films. In the soundtrack of the movie also US rapper Snoop Dogg was singing, making the link again to US audience. Again, Punjabi movies help to promote Punjabi songs.

In marriages Punjabi dj Play important role as soon as the wedding is finalized the roka ceremony is held. This is a formal announcement that the girl and the boy have found their life partner and are to wed each other. Next in line is the ceremony of sangeet. This is the fun part of the wedding celebrations wherein there is much singing and dancing. The sangeet is hosted by the girl's family where the family and friends of the boy's family come. The ladies of the girl's family sing traditional wedding songs where they tease the boy. These days there are also live bands and DJs who are invited to enliven the sangeet function.

Most of the individual events in an Indian wedding demand a specific genre of music and dance. Thus the same entertainment package will not do justice to all the occasions. For instance, in a Sagan ceremony the scale of entertainment should be a little sober and low-key than in a Mehendi or reception ceremony. Performances by male professional Gazal or Mangal Gayan artists would be wonderful since the Sagan or Tikka ceremony is conducted in the groom's house and is by and large attended by only the male members from the bride's family making it a male affair.

The Bhangra DJ get so embroiled the interview and accomplish them seems as if they are a concern of the action. The 'Dhol' is a traditional Amerindic auscultation device, which originated in the Express of Punjab. The altitudinous radiated energy free by the comprise of these songs is commendable and has yet graven its enclosure on the worldwide level. In the fashionable era, Indian songs develop in various interesting flavors that permit the traditional Bhangra songs, film songs, pop, Pakistani Sanskrit, rock, and Sufi.

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